When a customer visits your website or uses your mobile application, the first experience might not be enough. The reasons why one visit might not get you conversions from leads are plenty. It could be something under your control, like your website UI, or something that you have no say on, like the customer looking to compare prices. So, should you give up?

Not at all. Remarketing is a dynamic marketing tactic that has taken the digital world by storm. From the waiting cart emails to pop-ups of items that a prospective customer searched for, there are many ways in which you can convince prospective leads to come back to you!

You need to know your limits too. You cannot keep pestering your audience and constantly follow them on multiple platforms with the same ad, right? That can seriously backfire. Other than the right tracking tools to identify the group that you can retarget and remarket to, you need a strategy, planning, and a knack for understanding customer behavior.

At Neuronimbus, we stand strong behind your brand and make sure no leads are lost. We are conversion specialists and our years of experience help us identify targets, act on time, and get the “almost lost” conversions back. We don’t speculate, we strategize and then we deliver tangible results.

Highlights of our Solutions our approach

Neuronimbus offers you a Remarketing that can help you manage your business efficiently.


We never fire arrows in the dark. With the right tools at our disposal, we know whom to target and what to remarket. With us, your conversion rates will be high and your cost per conversion low. That is the core essence of remarketing.

There is no need to introduce your brand. All that needs to be done here is to solidify the first impression of your brand if it is a great one and hitting the last nail on the board. And if the prior impression was not satisfactory, we make sure that the picture is repainted in your favor.


When you are remarketing a product or service, just like you know what your audience wants, your audience knows what it is that you seek. With online customers becoming smarter by the minute, you cannot fool them into believing that a mechanical algorithm is showing them pop-ups of your brand ever so often. A balance between strategic remarketing and respecting the customers’ privacy and right to choose is a must.

We have been an active part of the digital marketing scene for over 16 years. We know what can repeal your prospective customers. We know the fine line between specific targeting and trailing audiences that is likely to annoy them. With Neuronimbus, you don’t need to worry about accidentally creating a bad brand image.


While remarketing an offering, customization is the key. If the customer doesn’t feel like the ad, pop up or email offers something of specific value to them, it will just be a futile exercise. What is essential here is custom creating the ad in a manner such that the target audience doesn’t feel like it is a general ad.

Whether it be an abandoned cart email or a YouTube or Facebook ad based on search patterns, your potential leads will never feel like the post is not speaking to them directly. With testing, optimization, and a culmination of dynamic variables, we make sure you get the results, in the least possible time.

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