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Content marketing is a necessary, results-driven process to promote your business in a world where customers want brands to become educators. You need people to choose your brand of their own accord because they connect with it and trust it. To do so requires a dependable pipeline of compelling content to market your ideas to your prospects, and to gain their trust. Your unique brand story can be gently disseminated among the populace with this form of marketing.

Now, how do you disseminate your content to build brand awareness, health, and loyalty? You make it all about your prospects. The conversion funnel is long, and each stage demands careful consideration of the prospects’ needs. Short blog posts can work on the top-of-the-funnel browsers, while webinars could work on the bottom-of-the-funnel initiates. The range of your options is broad, but each option needs to be pursued to a sufficient depth, which naturally requires time and effort.

Neuronimbus is a firm believer in the idea that brands need to be authorities in their subject matters, and this expertise must come across in their content. Over 16+ years of effective content marketing, our teams have been steeped in the trials and tribulations of creating all types of content. No matter the subtle differences in each stage of the customer value journey, we are accustomed to the content marketing strategies and narratives conducive to lead conversion. Our goal is to share the unique aspects of your services and products, in the form of useful, engaging content.

Content marketing is driven by its diverse applications and its measurable results. We are able to create content within your industry-specific needs and design it for all sources of your target audience. Should you need video production, social media posts, eCommerce product pages, landing pages, blog content, email content, whitepapers, or eBooks, we are capable of it. We analyse brand metrics, monitor web analytics, and we ultimately improve your ROI.

areas of interest

Harness the possibilities to drive your business and passion to new heights, in new ways with our expertise in following areas.


The development of content is the targeted process we outlined above, which progresses from research, to production, to publishing. We give content its context; thus, we invariably end up making content easily digestible to a variety of users and online visitors. We arrange content development around the customer value journey, which is similar to, but not exactly, the sales funnel. Over the course of their relationship with a business, a first-time visitor, long-time reader, subscriber, or well-established customer reacts differently. Using advanced metrics and analytics, we improve your chances of lead conversion.


As we research social media, blogs, online communities, and influencers close to your industry, you may be emboldened to try out native advertising with these third-parties. Using various platforms, we create high-quality paid ads with a definite objective towards promotion and sales of your products and services. This type of content is more outbound, and requires outreach towards these influencers with their concomitant commissions, but achieves its worth with brand awareness and engagement. Long form blog content is also an option, as it can introduce new ideas, products, and services in an engaging manner.

best practices

We have a number of approaches set as our protocols that help streamline our Content Marketing operations, and these protocols represents the most efficient course of for your business.

  • Content Strategy and Mapping
  • Target Audience & Buyer Personae Research
  • A Deep Understanding of Metrics, Web Data, & Analytics Tools
  • Using the Feedback Loop of Social Media & Customers
  • High Quality Content Production

As a team, we help you prepare a detailed brief, outlining your content marketing objectives, and then collaborate with you as per the content strategies for the target audience. Content strategy is based on the customer value journey: from awareness to engagement, to subscription, to conversion, to excitement, to ascension, to advocating, to promotion.

As we reach an understanding of your brand story, we map content accordingly. Each piece of content has a specific marketing objective to fulfil—be it a video of customer testimonials delineating social proof of your brand’s products, or a minimalist infographic portraying the statistical aspects of your quarterly sales. To us, content is fit-for-purpose storytelling.

Second, we try our best to think from the perspective of your target audience. Each buyer persona is unique and requires a different method of brand storytelling to convince. We research established demographics, for the consolidation of your marketing objectives, as well as new demographics, for the expansion of your business and revenues.

Entry-point offers, local and regular SEO, social media, and third-party references bring in these prospects, and each of them enter the customer value journey at different stages. Our job is to target each of them with specific industry-driven content. Your industry vertical is a playground for sundry buyers, and we craft the best content to persuade them into choosing you.

Our content strategies and production processes are all grounded in measurable metrics. These metrics inform and optimize the content marketing game, based on user experience, browsing patterns, and online behaviour. From their actions on the landing page to check-out, there are a plethora of metrics to analyse.

Bounce rates, click-through rates, time spent on page, purchases, and re-engagement are some of the common metrics to look at. Using web data analytics tools, we are able to inspect each aspect of your web content to a degree that ensures high ROI. SEO and its ancillary processes are also part of our content curation.

In the desire for brand awareness and brand health, you would seek to maximize customer engagement and interaction with your content. We understand this, and go one step further in trying to understand the comments your customers are posting on social media platforms, blog comment sections, and other forums. This forms an important feedback loop to us.

Thus, we can estimate your brand’s impact on the Internet, and we can even target customers, with well-clipped content. Trend spotting on social media is another method through which we can garner public impressions, engagement, and interactions. Purchase buttons on social media have made profits easier for brands, so social media is a must.

Our content marketing team is chock-full of skilled writing, editorial, and web analytics professionals. You have access to high-quality, premium services that will align with your business objectives. We are able to work with multi-format content in multiple industry verticals across multiple regions on the globe.

Do you need a technical manual to demarcate the numerous aspects of a product for the benefit of bottom-of-funnel end-users? Our technical content writers and editors are up for the job. Do you need colorful, detailed email newsletters for middle-of-funnel subscribers? We have the expertise.

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