Theorizing and implementing color schemes, developing infographics, themes, images and fonts are an important aspect of our web design process. Our design team understands your business, and then aligns the design architecture and strategy of the project to suit your brand’s/product’s/company’s immediate and long-term strategy. Our design execution, programming methodologies, user experience design are all directed at fulfilling your organizational goals. Every aspect of your Ecommerce website or web application will be aligned to increase conversion rates, consumer revisits, and brand equity.

With our custom web design methodology we actively engage with customers at all stages of web design to perform periodic assessments, validations, changes, or enhancements to the design. We do not solely rely on readymade templates, graphical art, iconography etc. We can build design components from scratch if existing or available reusable design artifacts are insufficient to convey the purpose in its right essence.

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Neuronimbus offers you a Custom Web Design solution that can help you manage your business efficiently.


In web design, a brand is associated with color, layout, iconography, and to some extent the navigational schemes. Having a consistent design scheme for a brand is the key to building a brand’s recall with existing or prospective customers. From the popup dialogs to the fill-in forms to the submit button –every aspect of an Ecommerce web application or website needs a consistent look, feel, function, form and usage. Design that is unfocused on consistency can become disastrous – something that visitors or users of the Ecommerce site will detect and probably lose confidence in the brand.


Our custom web design solutions try to attract a larger audience and thereby serve a larger market. A website should convey their products, services, features and offerings in a way that attracts more visitors and potential customers. The final goal of a website is to invoke an Action from the customer. Auguring or eliciting an action, also called as Call to Action (CTA), is an important aspect of user experience design. CTAs need not be apparent, they can be deft, subtle yet engaging. The more your websites visitors are engaged, the more are the chances of conversions. Sensible layouts, user-first content structure, easy intuitive navigation, highly locate-able information – are all aspects of a CTA process.


Statistics indicate that for every second drop in page load times, the drop in sales is more than 25%. Faster loading times attract, retain, and recall customers. Therefore, our web design process is also focused on page load speed. We design web applications and sites that are highly optimized. Using techniques such as lazy loading, server side rendering, and conditional rendering to name a few – we optimize sites to load faster. Our layouts don’t include any heavy third-party libraries. Even if it were, we customize these libraries to suit our needs. Even better – we build our own libraries.


If your website or Ecommerce website is not discoverable on the Internet, customers will never know about your product or service. Our SEO team ensures that your website ranks higher on search engine results. We have an SEO team to look into aspects such as keyword research. We also reinforce SEO principles into web design by including XML sitemaps, and on-page SEO tags to name a few.

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