Our UI/UX strategy is incomplete or never begins without understanding our customer’s target audience. As a first level of activity, research is undertaken using a combination of interviews, focus groups, surveys, and usability testing. After analyzing data retrieved in the research phase, we create user profiles or personas of all types of users. We create user journey maps which present all possible user interactions with your Ecommerce site or mobile app. We then proceed to design, develop, test and deploy your web application or mobile application.

We strongly believe that perfect UI/UX can increases user engagement. Highly engaged users often take Calls to Actions (CTAs). Using a combination of visually appealing layouts, logical UI component architecture and intuitive displays, we deliver applications that are high on interactivity and usage fulfillment. A strong UI/UX builds the brand’s value, increases the usage of the product or service, and also gets referred to others. Our UI/UX strategy is focused on balance, simplicity, functional ease of use, and interactive engagement. Our experience, time tested strategies and innovative outlook helps us weather changes and disruptions in the global marketplace better.

Highlights of our Solutions our approach

Neuronimbus offers you a UI/UX design solution that can help you manage your business efficiently.


We apply Visual Hierarchy design principles, where color schemes, content layouts, navigation schemes, iconography, images and textual matter all co-exist in harmony. Visual Hierarchy is implemented using Human Interface Guidelines of the respective mobile OS platforms or utilizing hybrid visual hierarchy design for hybrid applications. Interface transitions are depicted using animations without disrupting the user’s focus. Elements are differentiated as in use or in error using color schemes. Some common aspects of Visual Hierarchy are proximity, connection, similarity, and continuity – all of these aspects are incorporated into our UI/UX design practices.


As part of this UI/UX strategy, we theorize on the position of functions and data that are frequently used. When users interact with the application, their current state in the app, and their proposed goal or action is communicated using visual metaphors or indicators. Our design flow ensures that there are multiple flows to complete a task – if clientss require it. Before performing an action, users are informed on the outcomes of their action. At any given point of time, the user experience reassures users that they are doing the right thing, and if not, directs them to the appropriate workflow path.


A self-explanatory user interface design ensures that users only need to follow the flow of the application and that they have zero usage stress.By remembering past user actions, the apps we design help users revert their actions in order to apply new ones. Visual depiction of components – such as those being clickable and those requiring input, are displayed lucidly and without ambiguity. Consistent UI design patterns are used so that users do not experience a loss of familiarity.


Pre-filled forms, auto-correction of user inputs, predictive typing assistance, commonly searched terms etc. are presented to users on the interface. The presentation of such informatory content most often than not reduces or completely negates erroneous user entry, input or action. Simple measures such as disabled submit buttons while the form is still being filled are implemented without alienating the user’s user experience. Upfront extensive and well-rounded validations ensure that users do not proceed without entering correct data. Intuitive monitoring of possible errors by the user is communicated as well.

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