We build user interfaces, task workflows, and app navigation that score high on user experience. Speedy loading time, ease of use and high-interactivity are our main focus areas. Our native app design has minimal cognitive load, engaging users at every step, and not overwhelming them with information or functional usage overload. De-cluttering of the user interface ensures a minimalistic layout, with clear progressive disclosures, eliciting informed action from the user. We put a lot of thought in our design process and it reflects in our output, be it on any front – versatility, design etiquette, intelligible workflows and fluid task flows.

We follow the RAD (Rapid Application Design/Development) method to expedite our native app design process. The project is broken into small chunks. Each milestone in the project is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) – clients can start using them to check if it matches their requirements. Our RAD process includes a suite of testing methodologies to ensure that after the design has been implemented, the user interface is thoroughly sanitized for any potential defects.

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When designing apps for native platforms, a source of reference that is constantly adhered to is the OS design guidelines. This process is followed by our designers, developers and validation experts. It ensures maximum quality of the native app. OS guidelines are also subject to change, so our design essentials are dynamic to adopt and adapt to such changes. In this regard, the guidelines that are extensively used in native app design are Human Interface Guidelines from Apple and Material Design Guidelines from Google.


When screens have a familiar look and feel across all screens, navigation becomes intuitive. Additional explanation is not required to operate the functionality on a screen. A common mistake made in this regard is to have inconsistent screen dynamics – be it on the workflow, task-flow, functional flow or design flow fronts. We completely obliterate such inconsistencies. None of the user interfaces we design are an afterthought. It is portrayed subtly in our design process.


Typing on small smartphone or mobile screen real estates is not comfortable for many people. In fact, there is a risk of erroneous entries. Be it forms or login screens, user inputs should elicit only bare minimum information. As a rule of thumb, our form design is short, compact, yet comprehensive. We utilize features such as autocomplete and prefilling. Our designs dynamically validate entries and provide visual indicators on their accurateness. We use techniques such as visual weights to convey field relevance and importance.


Our designs are visually consistent – labels, buttons and typefaces have same look and feel across the app. Functionally consistent – interactive elements work similarly across the app. Externally consistent–we retain the visual and functional consistency across all apps of a client. No mimic policy – no carryover or mix-up of platform-specific icons, input elements, typefaces and other such functional elements. Native app and website consistency – our designs ensure that clientss’ native apps and their web applications are designed consistently.

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