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Hybrid App Design


Interactive platform agnostic hybrid designs

Our hybrid app design practice trumps on all aspects of user experience similar to native app UI/UX.

Surpassing the boundaries of innovation in hybrid app user interface design, we focus on highly intuitive screens that allow users to navigate unassisted. Incorporating simple recognizable patterns (such as a hamburger icon for a menu or a home icon for the home screen), UI content is presented in a sorted and spaced manner. We call it ‘eye ergonomics’ – a user experience fundamental underlying all our outputs. Our user centric, user focused UI designs are suitable for all types of users regardless of their computer literacy or mobile app usage experience.

We have vast experience in hybrid app design. Personalized, streamlined and refined, our hybrid app UI/UX methodologies focus on contextual relevancy of content that is presented to users across all screens of an app. Using end user behavioral and cognitive analysis in our design process, we understand the dynamics of mobile usage. Thriftiness of mobile screen real estate, minimalism, and ‘do-more-with-less’ principles are part of UI workflows.

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