Surpassing the boundaries of innovation in hybrid app user interface design, we focus on highly intuitive screens that allow users to navigate unassisted. Incorporating simple recognizable patterns (such as a hamburger icon for a menu or a home icon for the home screen), UI content is presented in a sorted and spaced manner. We call it ‘eye ergonomics’ – a user experience fundamental underlying all our outputs. Our user centric, user focused UI designs are suitable for all types of users regardless of their computer literacy or mobile app usage experience.

We have vast experience in hybrid app design. Personalized, streamlined and refined, our hybrid app UI/UX methodologies focus on contextual relevancy of content that is presented to users across all screens of an app. Using end user behavioral and cognitive analysis in our design process, we understand the dynamics of mobile usage. Thriftiness of mobile screen real estate, minimalism, and ‘do-more-with-less’ principles are part of UI workflows.

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Neuronimbus offers you a Hybrid App Design solution that can help you manage your business efficiently.


We design customized UI components apart from the platform-specific UI components provided out-of-the-box by mobile operating systems. Our understanding of common design patterns, trending ones and using our own proprietary design ingenuity, we develop components that interact with users at the highest level. Hybrid app designs utilize the best of both worlds – platform specific rich visual component libraries and custom components developed with finesse by expert graphics artists/visual designers/UX consultants.


Our fundamentals in mobile app UX are strong. We apply our strong foundations in designing hybrid app user interfaces with perfection. Take for example, designing touchscreen target size. The sizes of targets are optimized to accommodate all or most finger sizes. So that a user can touch a target without worrying about accidentally touching (clicking) another unintended target! Another design fundamental we follow is minimize options for navigating the app. Screens are not cluttered with menus and submenus. They are instead replaced by context based menus from where the user can always revert to the home screen.


Our typographic techniques allow textual content legibility, readability, and ease of use. From point sizes, letter-spacing, line lengths to letter, number and symbol arrangements; our typographic design essentials are second to none. Font selection, typographic hierarchy, typeface contrasts, kerning, and alignment – these are only few of our innumerable focus areas in typographic user interface design for hybrid apps. Our well-researched and expertly implemented typographic design increases app usage, produces zero app usage stress, and scores high on end-user satisfaction.


Familiarity of navigation across all screens, intuitive information architecture, and content-focused navigation are few of the many principles underlying our self-evident navigation design process. At all contexts of the app, consistent navigation controls and workflows assure the user of their actions. Self-evident navigation also provides a clear path for users to achieve their goals when using the app. Importantly, at all times, users are communicated their current location in the app in a subtle yet significant fashion.

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