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Whether it is a gaming, news, business or a life changing mobile app, design is a big challenge especially if it is competing with million other apps. Along with development, smart design is crucial for the app to serve its purpose. The human mind perceives an object through the ambience and colors which is what app design is all about. The average user spends over 5 hours a day on his mobile phone and the mobile industry is expected to fetch over $189 billion by the end of 2020. But only 25% of apps stand the test of performance, mobile app design being one of the reasons it.

We at Neuronimbus, have been key players in the mobile app design sphere for many years now. Our designs for Android and iOS apps have excelled, delivering beyond our customer’s expectations. Other than enhancing the look and feel of the mobile app, our designs offer optimal usability and engagement value to the users. Our mobile app designs are fluid and adapt to changing user requirements, advancements in technology and any unforeseen circumstances in the digital world.

areas of interest

Harness the possibilities to drive your business and passion to new heights, in new ways with our expertise in following areas.


We design high performance, robust and secure native mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. Our responsive native app design is centered around interactive design principles. We understand what the user wishes to accomplish through the app and our team designs the flow to guide the user through the app.


Our design for hybrid apps is aimed to adapt seamlessly to any device without hampering user experience. Our hybrid app designs deliver cross-platform functionality customized to suit your business requirements. With robust methodologies we can bring your design ideas to life quickly and effectively.


Number of users on Android platforms are multiplying by the day. We help clients leverage on this user base by conceptualizing and creating compelling designs for Android apps. Be it enterprise, 3D games, educational, e-learning or news app, we develop functional and visually appealing apps that align with your business requirements.


Our team of designers have years of experience crafting next generation problem solving designs for the iOS platform for all Apple devices. They incorporate all UI and UX functionality into the app design that guarantees natural interaction and seamless user experience. Be it iPad, iPhone or Apple Watch, our designs are adaptable and scalable to any screen.

best practices

We have a number of approaches set as our protocols that help streamline our Mobile App Design operations, and these protocols represents the most efficient course of for your business.

  • Minimalistic Design
  • Personalization is key
  • Interact to Engage
  • Intuitive Navigation
  • Layout Focused on user goals

Our mobile app designers strive for minimalism. Overloading a mobile app with too much information is a big no-no in mobile design. Cluttering an interface with unwanted buttons, images and lines of text will make your app less comprehensible. Our mobile app designers keep in mind the limited space and prioritize features to keep the interface light and pleasing. Decorative elements are kept to a minimal and focus is directed towards relevant, useful content through clear, single call-to-action screens.

We think a great mobile app design is one that allows for personalization. Personalized design is a win-win situation. It helps the business achieve its marketing goals and pushes the user towards the content they are looking for. Irrelevant content will not be thrust upon users and all marketing content will be in sync with what the users want. Our mobile app designs include the right level of personalization that matches the trust level the user has with the company.

Our mobile apps are designed to keep the users informed as they interact with it. Continuous feedback in the form of messages, sounds, and visuals helps the users keep up with what is happening, or why it did not happen or understand whether something happened. Lack of intuitive and continuous feedback leads to confusion and frustration while using the app. A response to each user action makes user-computer interaction friendly and predictable.

Our designers understand the need for navigation on mobile apps to be more intuitive than those on desktops. This is because users need to identify their way around a mobile app quickly. They use familiar design patterns and recognizable icons to help users to navigate easily. Advanced navigation techniques are used for swipes, multi-taps and intuitive transition across pages and categories. Absence of smooth navigation will most likely disengage the user from the app and chase them away. We strive to implement a clear and consistent navigation path in our mobile app design to guide users.

The goals a user has on a mobile app is not the same as those on a desktop website. In most cases, they do not expect complete details of a business and these details can be hidden in sub-menus. Our designers keep in mind what a user actually wants to do with the mobile app and make those features easy to access. The layout is designed in a way where most of the interactive content and calls-to-action is placed in the “touch zone” or “thumb zone”.

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