An EDM or Email Direct Marketing campaign is a compelling communication technique to reinforce your brand message. It is the most direct and effective means to connect with your leads, nurture them and turn them into customers. Emails have consistently won over all other channels of digital marketing channels. Email marketing targets large groups of potential clients seeking to build loyal relationships with them.

We have devised personalized EDMs for several customers globally for over 15 years. Our marketing emails have personalized content that can strike the right chord with the audience. Our responsive email designs are platform and device agnostic. They are well-structured and designed for easy scanning. The content in our emails is broken down into small, consumable sections. Our strategy of directing marketing emails with relevant information to segmented lists has significantly increased the revenue of clientss. Our email design techniques are futuristic, keep up with evolving digital trends to face challenges and uncertainties of the marketplace.

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How our Email Marketing can add Value to your Brand.


Our expert designers create emails that tell users what they need to read first and where they can go from there. Our messages follow a logical hierarchy with bold headlines and attention capturing images. Our layout consists of space breakers with chunks of content so that users can scan the content quickly. The content is created in short concise, sentences and paragraphs with adequate spacing.


Our email marketing campaigns are sent to segmented list of customers and contain only the relevant information. The subscribers are more likely to open an email they feel is useful to them. The readers may be from any part of the world, with varied interests. To attract this audience, our emails focus on relevant content and offers that are unique to the target segment. Personal one-to-one communication forms the basis for contextual marketing that leads to higher engagement. Every email message is sent with the recipient’s name to create the personal touch. Humanization of brand helps email retention. We dynamically modify email content to make it appealing to the readers.


Our team of marketers treat emails as an extension of your brand. Every part of our email message is on-brand. It is most likely that emails are the only source of interaction customers have with your business. We ensure that emails align with the brand identity through colors, images, fonts across all vital touchpoints. Brand optimized emails help the readers identify the source of the message and help create a sense of credibility and trust in the message. Brand optimization is indispensable to sustain brand reputation.


Today, more than 70% of the emails are accessed via a mobile device. We ensure that emails that are part of our marketing campaigns are optimized for all mobile platforms. Our creative graphic expert designers can create mobile responsive EDMs for your customers using techniques for fast loading content and images, larger fonts, concise messages, and clean display across devices.


Our EDMs are designed to provide a clear-cut vision of what people need to do after receiving the email. A Strong Call to Action is crucial in gaining conversion rates. Without a CTA, an email is just a one-way worthless marketing exercise. We structure the EDM content in a logical flow which ends with specific instructions for the reader to follow as a response.

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