Digital ad banners are designed to capture the attention of an audience – which is why we are disruptively innovative in this area. We steer clear of common temptations – such as getting the most bang for the buck – by cluttering the display ad banner real estate with lots of information. Instead, we focus on keeping it simple, creating snippets of information that communicate the gist of the message in its entirety. All along backing it up with designs and layout schemes that capture attention and focus.

No corners are cut when it comes to quality. Only high quality imagery is used. Be it photography, illustrations, typefaces and logos – all elements are lucidly displayed, clearly and crisply. Essentially, our digital ad banner designs are made to stand out, with compelling messaging schemes that rely on content, color schemes, layout, presentation and many such visual entourage. Innovatively designed, creatively positioned, infographic-ally rich, visually suggestive, and politely persuasive, there is a lot of thought that goes behind our digital ad banner marketing messages. Our futuristic approach backed by strong process foundations make our designs relevant, value driven and stand the test of the time.

our approach

Our digital ad banners design best practices.


A good display ad has excellent structure. It has clearly defined borders that distinguishes it from normal web content. Banner ad sizing is flexible allowing the banner ad to accommodate within multiple screen sizes. There are is some fundamental information that constitutes the content structure – company name, company logo, value proposition, visual interpretation of the service, a Call to Action (CTA) button. Value proposition and CTA is given predominance in the display.


Color schemes help identify the brand, product or service. Having different color schemes for different audience groups is also a strategy adopted. Color schemes can vary by industry too. As an example, a display ad banner on a pharmaceutical website need not have bright colors. A display ad banner on a fashion website can have bright eye-catching vivid colors. We also apply colors in display ad banners to induce psychological triggers such as inspiration, empathy, kindness, excitement etc.


Typography in display ad banners are clear, legible and non-ambiguous. Bold fonts with big font sizes are used to convey relevance and draw attention. Viewers are directed to the most important information first by using appropriate typefaces and styling. Using too many typefaces is avoided as there are innumerable fonts and it is not a good idea to mix all of them. Complementary typefaces are organized in a hierarchical fashion. Consistent font usage across all digital ad banners of a product or service across all media platforms is maintained in the interest of familiarity and brand recall.


Images are never used only to fill space. Images are used so that viewers remember the display ad banner. Our design team creates custom images and graphics to communicate important information that when viewed can be identified with, is relatable, recallable, and inspires action. Our purposeful image and graphics strategy ensures that messages are conveyed to viewers in a creative and engaging manner. Our visual art invokes curiosity and interest in the product by virtue of the underlying creative quotient powering these ads.

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