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Follwoing the Footsteps of Shadow IT

A practice good or evil? A habit to be encouraged or discouraged? A phenomenon beneficial or detrimental for a company? Questions like these ones are commonplace when attributing to shadow IT, a perfect name given to a tradition that has seen an exponential increase with advancement.

More than anything else, we are now chatting to get things done. We are living in an era, where everything is not just a phone call but a text message away. The increasing usage of text messages first gave birth to multidimensional chat room applications and their immense success has now led to another major[…]

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The world’s biggest and most extravagant sporting spectacle, World Cup FIFA 2014 is just a few hours away and fans all around the world are gearing up to see their favorite teams and superstars in action. In order to celebrate this occasion, Google has launched a doodle on its homepage that is specifically themed according to the event.

Continuing with its tradition of playing pranks on its users Google kicked off this year’s April Fool’s Day celebration with a set of innovative prank. While the first is termed as the Pokemon challenge, the second is called Gmail Selfies. The Pokemon Challenge from Google Through its LatLong blog, Google announced on Monday that it[…]

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E-commerce website development is the best form of marketing campaign, assuring a matchless character, which is intended to guide visitor to one easy job: to buy something online. While designing this web designer must think about different online promotion ethics. Professional Software Development Services considerably differs from each other, depending on the size as well[…]

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