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Trends followed by top social media advertising company

Over the years, social media has proven itself to be an extremely valuable channel for marketers to both reach out to the target audience, and convert leads to loyal customers. However, as a growing number of companies start to use social media platforms for their marketing, it becomes necessary for brands to constantly evolve their approaches to acquire an edge against their competitors.

Seeking out the assistance of a good social media advertising agency is among the most fruitful ways through which a company can keep pace with the latest developments and trends associated with the social media landscape, and competently exploit the opportunities available. Having the right balance of listening, advertising, engagement and listening are crucial when planning a social marketing strategy.

When it comes to developing a plan for 2021, it has additionally become important to take into consideration the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on diverse spheres of business. 


Live streams shall remain popularLive streams shall remain popular

Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, several businesses around the planet went digital. Live concerts turned to live streams of artists playing at their homes and face-to-face meetings turned into conference calls on Zoom and Google Meet. Several brands have also picked up on this trend and started to conduct live streams to interact with their target audience more interestingly and engagingly. While the COVID-19 situation is improving and businesses are opening their doors, a lot of customers would still want to interact with the brands they love without having to leave their homes. Hence, live streaming will continue to stay popular in the near future.


Create Impactful Content With Content Marketing AgencyStories as a content format

More than five hundred million users interact with Instagram stories daily. Hence, creating content in this format becomes important for modern businesses. Brands need to follow a more organized approach in regards to creating content for such Stories, as their format is quite different from typical social media posts. It also is vital to remember that the use of videos in Stories usually outperforms photos, and has lower tap-forward rates than the latter. Tap-forward rates refer to the number of people seeing a Story and moving on to the next one before completing it.

Studies have also shown that Stories with simple images have more drop-off rates than the ones featuring videos, which means that people spend a greater amount of time viewing videos. As a result, using videos in the Stories would be among the most effective means for brands to strengthen their social media presence.


Creative automation of ad productionCreative automation of ad production

Leading social media advertising agencies today often help their clients to employ a Creative Management Platform (CMP) to develop high-speed social media advertisements. CMPs offer companies the chance to deliver personalized onsite messaging to their followers on the scale. Hence, they can replace generic customer relationship video content, imagery, and copy with HTML5 advert placements. Moreover, such content can easily be transformed, depending on the users. Ideally, valuable business data allows brands to pair appropriate content with a customer through the management platform.



Usage of social media algorithmsUsage of social media algorithms

Social media algorithms select advertisements it believes a user shall be interested in, based on several factors. Some of them are mentioned below:

    • Quality of the ad
    • Targeted demographics of the advertiser
    • Previous interactions & behaviour of the users, and so on.

To get the most out of these social media algorithms, one should try to play around with varied ad formats but stick carefully to the rules of a particular site to avoid penalties. Ads should additionally be designed to promote positive engagement and not used as clickbait. By using Facebook targeting and other such features, a brand can attract users who are more likely to interact with their offerings and ultimately convert to customers.


Social Media : Setting up the goalsSetting up the goals

The social media advertising services used by a company and the plans executed by them would largely depend on their major marketing goals. Hence, before following any social media trend, one has to be sure about the outcomes they desire from it. This can include:

    • Increase brand awareness: To develop authentic, lasting brand awareness, one must focus on publishing content that puts greater focus on their company values and personality.
    • Generate sales and lead: No matter whether one runs an in-store or online business, one should try to effectively use social media to alert the target audience about new offerings.
    • Growing the brand reach: Usage of smart keywords and hashtags would help a brand to effectively reach its core audience and magnetize them to their business.
    • Boost community engagement: Experimenting with messaging and content becomes important to grab the attention of the followers and level up the engagement rates.
    • Drive traffic to the site: Promotional posters, social ads, impactful CTAs, and URL integration can aid companies to enhance their website traffic. 

Any combination of the goals mentioned above can help companies to determine the ideal social media platforms and content format to use in order to reach their objectives. The assistance of a professional social media marketing agency can especially prove to be helpful in this regard.

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