Android Marshmallow and it's security features

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Android Marshmallow and it’s Security Features

A major concern when it comes to updates is security. Let’s move to the intricacies:

App Permissions
Controls over app permissions for some applications and not all, has been incorporated. Basic permissions like internet access will be granted by default but certain other permissions will be asked to access the applications for the first time.

Fingerprint API
Fingerprint support has been introduced in the Android Marshmallow. The touch-less options can now easily be handled by Android itself and would not rely on manufacturers.

Setting up and registering for a fingerprint is easy with just a check box in the play store settings.

Automatic Application Backup
Better and more defined when compared to Lollipop is the app backup in Marshmallow. With much clearer explanations, you can back up your apps and opt out if you want to. With no hassle, your apps will be restored and you will start and be signed in where you left off.

Network Security
A network security reset feature in the Backup and Reset settings allows you to remove all password, setting, connections related to Bluetooth, cellular data and Wi-Fi easily and quickly.

Marshmallow dons encryption although only on the new devices, these devices are required to use a full disk encryption by default. Devices updated from previous versions and the ones with minimal processing power are also exempt.

Android for work
Although not a very smart feature but with Android’s bring your own device policy and therefore increased security, better handling of notifications, VPNs, access and storage, less number of people will have to carry different mobiles for their work and personal use in near future.

Smart Lock
Smart lock provides options to unlocking your device or keeping your device unlocked depending on various intuitive scenarios. Options for trusted devices, trusted places, trusted faces and body detection are also available.

Smart Lock for Passwords
This is basically a Google password manager and allows your website and app passwords to be saved to your Google account.

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