Honoring teachers from various fields, Google India has posted a special doodle to celebrate the occasion of Teacher’s Day.

The doodle features every alphabet in the Google logo as a teacher in the various roles. The letter ‘G’ depicts a strict female teacher sitting behind her desk while correcting papers and keeping an eye on the students. The first letter ‘O’ looks like a teacher who is teaching difficult maths equations while the second letter ‘O’ looks like a teacher narrating a story or poem to the children. The fourth letter ‘G’ is reminiscent of a sports teacher who always inspires students to play games and live an active life. The fifth letter ‘L’ shows a Chemistry teacher who is trying to explain complex chemical reactions while the last letter ‘E’ depicts a music teacher teaching kids how to play music.

Teacher’s Day is celebrated in various countries on different days, but in India it is celebrated on September 5 to mark the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan – a renowned and popular scholar who inspired many students. He was also the second President of India. In a similar manner, other countries too celebrate Teacher’s Day after a person who has contributed to the welfare and growth of education in their state/country. In addition, the World Teachers’ Day is celebrated exactly a month later, on October 5, which is observed by the UNESCO as well.

So, on this very special day, we would like to take a moment to acknowledge all the teachers out there who have made a difference in our lives and inspire us in so many different ways.


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