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To call what 2020 did to the economy a ‘set-back’ would be an understatement on so many levels. However, amidst the restrictions and panic, one form of business and communication that survived or even thrived to an extent was the digitized version. More people, who otherwise lived life “offline”, turned to their smart-phones and the internet even for daily necessities like food and groceries.

The frequency of cashless transactions and online purchasing, sore as users began to identify its safety coupled with the convenience. This boosted popularity does provide new hope for businesses to bounce back smartly with the evolving options in Digital Marketing.

This growing array of possibilities ranges from the generous usage of AI to RCS (Rich Communication Services). It is this quest for acing the digital marketing race that brings one to understanding the new possible Marketing trends, 2021 would get along.

Forbes and other global economic experts & analyzers are quite optimistic about the changes 2021 would bring.


  • AI beyond Chatbots

The top of 2021 marketing tricks is AI and its thriving opportunities. Artificial Intelligence is currently used by several brands and advertising services in the forms of Chatbots. But its usage is restricted to customer support and automatic responding. This is only a tiny aspect of AI’s capability and 2021 calls for much more exploration. This includes using AI to analyze consumer behavior in social media, reaction to blog posts, and search patterns. Even the Chatbots play a decisive role in attracting customers, keeping them engaged with the products, and providing them real-time assistance. With AI, it is even possible to improvise and tailor the user experience according to the preferences of customers like a product category, menu view, payment method, spending behaviour and much more.


  • Smart social media presence

With the surge of possibilities, social media brought for businesses, more and more brands turned to make their presence felt on all possible platforms. But the smart way to do this is by identifying what platform brings maximum benefit and optimising the brand’s representation there—further personalising ads and content to suit the user ups the game to a better level than mainstream marketing. More consumers report that they prefer personalised advertisements than irrelevant generic ads in their social media.

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  • Keep Google and Facebook close

The duo is expected to maintain their accuracy in predicting consumer behaviour and advertising algorithms for 2021 and beyond. Although they faced a backlash for their privacy policies and data usage violations, a drastic change in algorithm or methods are not expected any time soon. Besides, with the onset of shoppable posts and video marketing trends, these platforms are expected to expand their services even wider. Furthermore, platforms like Facebook and Instagram are also introducing native e-commerce facilities that simplify the transactions and make it possible within their social media app. These facilities are expected to make e-commerce exponentially easier for both buyer and sellers.


  • Keep it conversational

More advertising services are an option for interactional and pre-programmed user-friendly methods like RCS (Rich Communication Services) over unilateral communications. While SMS, emails and regular social media posting does provide a gateway to the brand, RCS and Messaging App marketing has broken down communication with consumers to easy everyday conversations. This also makes consumers comfortable to choose and engage with brands in the comfort of their DM. It is expected that 2021 would bring more variety of businesses like banking and insurance into utilising the engaging comfort of RCS over regular SMS.


  • Keep the brand always ‘online’

The digitising business also means that the company now runs 24/7. Customer support and query resolving is no longer a secondary priority that can wait or be delayed. Customer service of leading brands goes out an extra step to use the information received from customer queries to improve on their services and develop data on consumer behaviour. With AI and push campaign facilities, these extra inputs that may seem simple can go a long way in enhancing customers’ experience.

Unlike earlier methods of Digital Marketing, appeasing customers in 2021 is not going to work with just fancy Instagram posts or click-bait links. To be a part of the top brands and beat the internet traffic, a business needs to work with ace-level marketing that plans for at least a year. This involves understanding and using AI analysis, data science researches, UI/UX designing and much more to bring out an impressive output.


Further, marketing techniques that involve VR videos, long-form videos and content that is optimised for voice searches are also picking up pace with these requirements.


Let us help youHiring separate service providers to work on the research, designing, content creation, and media management would not only be hectic but also hinder the quality of work. Therefore, these nuances that are expected to be crucial elements of marketing trends in 2021 can be brought about only with an effective team. Digital marketing service providers like Neuronimbus offer multiple services as a comprehensive team to suit such demands of the future.

They provide UI/UX designing, Native advertising, Lead generation campaigns and other techniques by rule, all-inclusive. Further, they have the flexibility and advanced facilities in terms of technology and marketing strategies that meet the criteria for 2021’s marketing trends.



Most of the leading brands around the globe already utilise AI, VR and data science to personalise their ads and establish their presence on the customer’s social media feed. Therefore, their game is already above organic internet traffic. Besides this, intelligent digital marketing services are also ensuring that they play it safe when it comes to using customer data. With GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) or its other forms awaiting implementation in different countries soon enough, it is wise to stay informed and transparent than sorry.


Irrespective of the current size or popularity of a brand, putting it out there with the right content, to the right customers makes the difference now.

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