How to Use Facebook to boost Your Brand Presence

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Brand presence or brand awareness is an important concept which enables customers know your brand name, recognize what you do and services or products catered by you. Brand presence is main focus for advertising management, marketing management, and consumer behavior and strategy development.

Facebook is the most accessed and used social media platform today. Facebook is growing continuously, statistically, as of March 31st, 2017 there were 1.94 billion monthly active users on Facebook. There is no reason to ignore Facebook in today’s world if you want to make your brand or business presence strong.

Facebook is used by both small and big brands to reach to people. For some it has even become the fastest and most effective way to connect and communicate with customers, clients and generally targeted audience. Many companies rely on Facebook for their marketing and brand awareness. According to Hubspot, around 52% of marketers have been able to turn general audience into customers using Facebook.

To make people know your brand name and become your follower, it is important to make a Facebook page first. Once your brand’s Facebook page is made, fill in all the required details and information for people to read about your brand.

4 ways to use Facebook to boost Your Brand Presence

Facebook can help in boosting your brand presence at a high rate. Here are 4 ways in which you can put Facebook to work positively for you.

Have Engaging Content

As they rightfully say “content is the king”, use content of different type to reach different types of audience. Posting relevant content on Facebook will help in reaching more users. Whether you own a grocery store, photo studio, real estate business, a cosmetic brand or anything else, content will always be a key ingredient to connect with your audience.

Post graphic images, short video clips, website link, etc., to make people know that you are active. It is also fine to post content which is not linked to your brand, so feel free to post things you feel are relevant and will help your followers stay engaged with your brand.

Create a Call to Action

A call to action has become popular since it was introduced by Facebook. Call to action is helpful in driving people from Facebook to undertake a specific important action that is beneficial for your business. With a call to action, you can easily tell your audience to sign up for your newsletter or for other service, tell them to contact you, book your services, use your app or play a game, shop your products or services, and watch a video.

Respond to Comments

Staying active means you are connecting with your audience by responding to their comments on posts and replying to their messages. When you do this, it is sending a positive message to your audience that you want to communicate with them and know what their say is about what you posted.

Promote customer feedback

When you deliver a service or product to a customer, they’re more likely to give you a positive rating or feedback. Convert these happy customers to encourage other prospective buyers and clients into positive conversions.

For example, if you own a chain of restaurants. The food cooked at your restaurant is served to your customers. After the customers finish their meal and ask for the bill, you can give them a journal to note down their feedback, is there anything they would like to change or add in the menu for you, how the service is offered to them, etc. Ask their permission to post their photograph or name along with their feedback on Facebook. This will help you gain feedback from your customers, generate more trust and loyalty in your brand and consider you again next time they think of coming for another occasion.

You need is a right approach to promote your brand and reach to people. Once you are up and running, remember to run with people as people are your clients and customers. A happy and satisfied customer is an ally you make on the go to promote your brand for you.

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