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A Rallying Call For Resilience In Business Owners To Beat Lockdown Blues


“Lockdowns are an aberration on the graph of our lives. They’ll pass, so stay grounded. Let the storm subside, assemble the pieces, and re-build.” This sums up my stance in debates on how businesses should respond to lockdowns.

I know better now. And the reason is a pizza bar in South Australia.

All it takes is one innocuous lie to push a state of 1.7m population into a lockdown. Welcome to the life you never imagined.

It’s obvious that governments don’t know any better than shouting PAUSE and expecting businesses to screech to a halt at the call.

Sudden Lockdowns Are A Reality You Can’t Shy Away From

Isn’t it obvious?

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A Rallying Call For Resilience In Business Owners To Beat Lockdown Blues

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