Time-Tested Methods To Plan A Mobile App

A word of caution to all you CTOs, tech leads, and agency owners: When you ask your mobile app development vendor if they know AI, chatbots, ML, AR, VR, instant apps, you’re asking the wrong question.

But it may not matter after all.

9 out of 10 mobile app development vendors, like a Spanish fighting bull, will barge at you, snorting out these buzzwords. That’s even if you, the valiant matador, are yet to wave your cape at them.

After all, it’s convenient, cool, and oh-so-current, to utter abbreviated techy mumbo-jumbo — meant to emulate a trader’s disenchantment for his goods. Why talk of Flutter, React Native, Ionic, Xamarin, Felgo, Swift, Kotlin, and Python? Why indeed, when one could dazzle an unsuspecting SMB-owner with marketing-speak?

Don’t make it easier for us, and don’t make it harder for yourself.

Read full article published on Medium, written by our CEO, Hitesh Dhawan


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