Can you truly ever measure UX

Sympathies with the uncelebrated warriors of our trade: app developers.

Their work never ceases, not even after they finish bracketing the last line of code.

There is so much more to do: alpha and beta testing, bug fixing, patching, and performance testing.

However, the most important post-production job of any designer is UX evaluation. And that’s murky waters.

Steve Krug (author of ‘Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability’; read it, please) defines usability as “being made such that even a person of average intelligence and experience can operate the thing”. No nonsense, on the money — these words.

If you want to make money and increase your app’s reach, read on. You see, there are different strategies for all three scenarios:

● Purely increasing reach;

● Solely increasing revenue gain; and

● The best of both worlds.

Now, because we are focusing on the last point, we need to use a double standard. This double standard is made up of two things: metrics and KPI’s.

A metric is, well, a metric. Something measurable in the form of the universal language: numbers.

A KPI is a “Key Performance Indicator — a goal for your business. It quantifies the relationship distance between..

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