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Web Design Trends 2017

As technology advances and turns out to be more ingrained into each aspect of our everyday lives, users are expecting more and more from their online user experiences. Subjective, interactive, as well as relevant are 3 keywords which users want from their user experiences. This eventually means web designers working in web design agencies, nowadays[…]

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Android Marshmallow usability

To read about Android Marshmallow security in the previous article, click here. Android Marshmallow Usability A review without discussing the usability shall be rendered incomplete. Let’s get started with this last and the most important section. Text Selection Revamped as compared to Lollipop, the text selection is still clumsy and not perfect, but offers better[…]

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Android Marshmallow and it's security features

To read about Android Marshmallow Google integration and performance in the previous article, click here. Android Marshmallow and it’s Security Features A major concern when it comes to updates is security. Let’s move to the intricacies: App Permissions Controls over app permissions for some applications and not all, has been incorporated. Basic permissions like internet[…]

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