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E-Learning Platform

With the world becoming a global village; all thanks to the penetration of internet in our daily lives. The space of e-learning has had far reaching impact on how business of education has changed in the last decade and more. We as the enablers have also ventured in the space of e-learning solutions and developed a solution around e-learning delivery and a complete platform. So besides creating the e-learning content this platform will pretty much let you run your complete e-learning business.

The platform has been designed to effectively engage all the stake holders

  • E-learning service provider
  • Students
  • Parents
  • Administrators
  • Tutors

Following are the features and functionalities that the platform can deliver for your e-learning business.


An intuitive interface with the ability for users to add their own personal information, photographs, interests etc. Site can offer a flexible pick-and-mix approach to a range of educational support tools that designers can select and use when planning and building an online course.

Personal Organizations

  • Calendar: High light key dates and events in the course year and link to assessments due
  • Personal Profile: Student photographs with their other information
  • To Do List: Students can set their own goals and produce task lists
  • My Grades: Shows how students are progressing through a course, quiz or test, with an online report including assessment scores and feedback comments


  • A range of communication tools Discussion Forum, Chatroom, Message and Blog and Journal
  • E-mail allows you to message the tutor and the course administrator
  • Announcements tool allows messages to be sent by administrators to everyone on a course
  • Who's Online provides live chat with whoever is online by invite - useful for pre-arranged one-to-one or small group meetings
  • Students can set their own Personal Bookmarks and weblinks, store these and make them available regardless of which computer they are sitting at
  • Facebook and twitter implementation


  • The ability for staff and students to access their grades, assessments, feedback comments, and guidance at any time
  • Assessments (quizzes, surveys and self-tests) to support formative assessment - questions can be 'banked' and new assessments generated quickly from question banks
  • Online Grade Book and Grading Forms can produce reports on student performance

Learning resources

  • Course designers can develop courses using media-rich material including video, audio, Flash Able to import standard Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint files
  • Ability to link to any resource which has a web address, Content generated in the system can be exported between courses and re-used using standard protocols (SCORM, IMS)
  • Learning content can be selectively released to students on key dates
  • Tracking shows when students have accessed the system and their progress
  • Learning materials designed with templates to ensure consistency
  • Learning content can be updated easily

Support features

  • Online Help and Glossary
  • FAQ
  • Video tutorials

Internal mailbox / message system

  • Send messages to any user inside the LMS
  • Possibility of file attachment


  • Sets up the program/courses/schedules for trainees and trainers
  • Sets up training rules, credit rules, prerequisites and grading rules
  • Approves and authorizes trainees
  • Sets up surveys
  • Oversees and monitors the entire education process from A-Z
  • Adds documents to the digital library
  • Adds recorded sessions and videos to the archiving system

Content Manager

  • Static pages
  • Email List

Subject management

  • Subject list

Price management

  • Price list

Report Management

  • Payment report
  • Student attendance report

Other Features

  • A forum for students
  • A forum for Teachers / Instructors
  • A complete demo for marketing purposes
  • In the students account web page,
    -Latest news about subjects
    -Quizzes/test records
    -final records
  • Each student must have subjects schedule (times & dates) for each semester
  • Each instructor must have teaching / lectures schedule (times & dates) for each semester
  • Types of secure completion certificates (Authorized by admission office only) (possible award icons behind user names)

User Management

  • User roles

Default user roles:
- Learner
- Trainer
- Assistant
- administrator

  • Custom user roles creation
  • Import/export users:
    - CSV lists
  • User groups and user group's management:
    - Global (whole LMS level) user groups
    - Local (course level) user groups
  • Self-registration and self-enrollment
  • Registration and enrollment by administrator approval
  • Manual registration and enrollment of users by administrator


  • Event list on the main portal board and on the users Home Page

General Course Features

  • Courses export/import
  • Courses templates
  • Configure course completion criteria
  • Set course availability period
  • Searchable course catalogue:
    - Tree-view courses catalogue
  • Course certificates
  • Free (school owned) and paid courses
  • My Courses on the users Home Page
  • Different look and feel for each course using themes

Course Materials

  • File Library
  • Build Learning Paths from course elements:
    - Add quizzes
    - Add links
    - Add documents
    - Add content pages
    - Add SCORM packages
  • Hierarchical chapter structure in Learning Paths:
    - Learning Paths consist of chapters
    - Chapters consist of steps
  • Resume from last attempt
  • Upload and manage documents in different formats:
    - Audio
    - Video
    - HTML
    - Text, rich text
    -.pdf etc…
  • Create links for any documents
  • Hierarchical documents structure
  • sitemap creation


  • Create surveys and quizzes
  • Question pool
  • Configure feedback:
    - Custom feedback for quizzes
    - Custom feedback for individual questions
  • Print/e-mail quiz results
  • Set number of attempts
  • View quiz statistics
  • Quiz reports
  • Point rewarding system
  • Quiz results published in Grade Book


  • User Attendance control
  • CSV results export

Communication Tools

  • Course forums:
  • Course chat:
    - Chatting users list
  • E-mail & SMS
  • Course announcements:
    - Announcements publishing period
  • Exchange messages and files without using e-mail:
    - Attach files to messages
  • Chat:
    - Private/group chats
    - History view

Learners Performance Management

  • Track learner performance and grades
  • Export data in different formats:
    - CSV
    - TXT
    - XLS
    - PDF
  • Track users' activity statistics
  • Track the learning materials usage statistics
  • Assign homework:
    - Define homework publishing period
  • Home Work / Assignments:
    - Track and change Home Work status


  • Export reports in different formats:
    - CSV
    - TXT
    - XLS
    - PDF
  • View reports:
    - Learner progress report
    - Course completion report
    - Course materials access report
  • Configure criteria and filters for reports


  • Recurrent payments:
    - Available for PayPal, Credit Cards, transfer to bank account and other payment methods
  • Issue invoices:
    - Automatic invoice configuration
  • Coupon codes
  • Sell subscriptions to courses
  • Different types of native subscriptions:
    - Basic
    - Date to date
    - Date to lifetime
    - X days access
  • Different native payment methods:
    - 2Checkout
    - Offline bank transfer
    - PayPal Standard
    - WorldPay Select Junior
  • View detailed payments statistics
  • Marketing promotions:
    - Send free invitations with coupon codes via internet by E-mail and SMS